CAB Spring Concert Anticipation

By: Katherine Hogan

I have heard it’s T-Pain. I have heard it’s Sean Kingston. I have heard it’s Akon. I have heard it’s Chance the Rapper. I have heard it’s that rave thing. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the 2017 Holy Cross Spring concert this year. Who will it be? This has been the question circulating around campus for some time now. Last year, many students found the line-up of Third Eye Blind and JoJo to be a major let-down. Personally, I am a huge fan of JoJo. In my angsty pre-teen stage, “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late” particularly resonated with me. However, not everyone felt pleasantly nostalgic. Many simply chose not to attend this highly regarded Holy Cross event, which was certainly sad to see. Take nothing away from the hard work and dedication of Campus Activities Board (CAB); they do a tremendous job with the concert every year, as well as every other event they are responsible for planning on campus. However, going from Drake in 2010 and Jessie J in 2015 to Third Eye Blind in 2016, many students expressed dissatisfaction. Essentially, certain standards were set for the headliner. The weather was not ideal, we stood outside in the rain, and my freshman spring concert experience fell short. However, I believe it will be redeemed this year, and hopefully more students will want to attend.

Many people are trying to guess who the headliner may be after CAB released a promotional poster around campus and on Facebook that prompted speculation. A single olive with a toothpick pushed through it, accompanied by a #FIRE, has driven students mad. We are all extremely curious as to who will be gracing the stage this upcoming May. Junior Lily Giannoglou states, “I really hope it is T-Pain. I love T-Pain.” Sophomore Alex Gionis chimed in, “T-Pain would be cool.” Finally, senior Emily Iannaconi expressed that her ideal final concert would be that of a country singer or band such as Luke Bryan. Growing up in a small town, I love country music, and people who do not simply underestimate the fun of country concerts. The genre for the concert must be chosen to accommodate the mass student population preference. Rap always seems to generate the most interest.  

So, the question remains. When will we find out who the headliner of the show is? How much longer will we have to wait? CAB is keeping us on our toes, posting cryptic messages, and teasing the student population. I presume only time will tell. All I can say is, it better be LIT.


Photo: http://cdn.hercampus.com/s3fs-public/styles/full_width_embed/public/2015/02/11/CONCERT

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