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Saturday, March 18

Paris, France– A man was gunned down by soldiers after threatening to shoot in the Paris Orly airport. No one was hurt, and three members of the shooter’s family were held for questioning, but his motives remain unclear.


Sunday, March 19

Kintampo, Ghana– 18 were left dead and 22 injured after a large tree fell during a storm at a popular waterfall and trapped swimmers.

Madaya, Syria– After five months, helped arrived to the Syrian rebel-held town with a population of 40,000. Refugees were living in devastating conditions, with little to eat and few means of keeping warm. Many other refugee towns are in similar positions because humanitarian workers are only permitted to access these town two or three times per year.

Beijing, China– U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, at the end of his trip to Asia. Tillerson was optimistic about U.S. and China relations, and planned to work with China on pressing issues involving North Korea.


Monday, March 20

Washington, D.C.– In the near future, all large electronics, such as laptops and tablets, will be banned from the cabin on flights from eight different Middle Eastern and African countries for concerns related to terrorist attacks.

San Francisco, California– After less than six months, the President of Uber, Jeff Jones, will be leaving the company. His departure came as a surprise, although it has been reported that he left due to issues regarding sexual harassment at the company.


Tuesday, March 21

London, Great Britain– A travel company will begin offering diving tours of the Titanic in May 2018. For over $100,000, tourists will be able to participate in three-hour dives to explore the remains of the ship as well as spot unusual deep-sea organisms.

Chicago, Illinois– Doctors have successfully removed a parasitic twin from the back of a baby girl from Ivory Coast. Although there was a high risk of baby Dominique becoming paralyzed, doctors completed the surgery without complications. The removal relieved strain on her heart and lungs, and baby Dominque will soon return home.


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The Lot: Throngs of students who were gathering in the Lot for unknown reasons were forced out after being attacked by rogue snowballs. Snow and ice related injuries were reported.


Drimball: Officers responded to student outrage over corned beef and cabbage being served on a Friday during Lent. The students were escorted out of Drimball before they could make a scene.


Easy Street: A tour group was trapped in a sea of green students heading off campus. Officers were called in to assist and reroute the horrified prospective students.


The Hill: Several noise complaints were reported as Galway Girl reverberated buildings across campus. Cracks were reported in Williams’ foundation.


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