Senate Segment 3/20

Outreach Week

While we were all busy preparing to go on spring break, the Senate launched the first-ever Outreach Week. Spearheaded by Speaker G.Matt Greco and Associate Senator Mae Hougo, the week was designed to raise awareness of all things Senate-related and of how constituents can be better served and more involved. It was a huge success! Activities included live-streaming our meeting, creating informational graphics on our social media sites, sponsoring Concern for a Cupcake, and implementing a new initiative: Slide Into Our DMs.

Slide Into Our DMs

Didn’t get a chance to voice a Concern for a Cupcake? Following the astounding success of our first-ever Outreach Week, we have set up a new initiative. Please follow us on Instagram @sga_hcsenate where you can voice your opinions by sending us a direct message!

Deputy Whip

Senator John Milligan ‘17 has been elected unanimously to serve in the inaugural position of Deputy Whip. The member elected to this position will be charged with managing the legislative docket and tracking the progress of each individual senator on the authorship and sponsoring of bills. Congrats, John!

HC Top Dog

In an effort to bring a stronger canine culture to Mount St. James, the HC Top Dog competition is well under way. We have already featured two great canines on our page. From now until April 30, we will be accepting photos of any and all Crusader canines! Email a picture, the name and a short bio of your dog to and he or she will be featured on our social media. Each week one dog will be featured, and the dog who receives the most likes and hype will be crowned Holy Cross’s Top Dog!

Latina Identidad

Congratulations to our newest RSO, Latina Identidad, which was unanimously approved last night following a presentation by the chair of the club. A dozen dancers meet three times a week where they learn and create dances to traditional Latin music. We can’t wait to see them perform!

Greco-Vanecko Pact

A new bill authored by Speaker G.Matt Greco and Senator Mary Kate Vanecko was passed last night requiring two mandatory joint sessions of SGA per semester to begin next fall.

Turn Your ZZZ’s into A’s Sleep Campaign

Intellectual Life committee chair Holly Nord ‘17 is conducting research on location and sources to improve sleeping schedules at school for better grades.

Embrace Ambition Female Empowerment Campaign

Members of the SOAC sub-committee are working to bring Embrace Ambition to our campus. This organization, founded by designer Tory Burch, encourages women to embrace ambition in all aspects of life. We are hoping to team up with Women’s Forum, utilize an empowering event with guide book and possibly occur during last week of March in celebration of Women’s History Month.

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