At Least Global Warming Fuels College Darties ?

Tis’ the season for darties at Holy Cross. A rare cultural phenomenon, darties allow individuals between the ages of 18 and 23 the opportunity to become intoxicated during the daytime. The name itself is a portmanteau of the words “day” and “party,” separating such an event from another social scene at night. Well folks, It’s March and the temperature has risen to a scorching sixty degrees, which functions as a right of passage for all males under the age of twenty three to ditch their shirts and set up a game of corn hole.

Spring semester of freshman year, I was exposed to Clark Beach, the small stretch of grassy land located on the outskirts of Clark Hall. I was astounded to discover that this destination spot embodied “college” in its purest form. If it had not been for reasonable rules and regulations of the college, there is no doubt in my mind that several kegs and a couple of funnels would have been a free-for-all. However, this did not stop Clark residents from venturing to our beloved Walmart and purchasing a blow-up pool to beat the global warming-induced heat.

Aside from Clark Beach, of which I am now a resident, Holy Cross students thrive on “The Lot” in these upcoming warm months. As if I did not have enough of an excuse not to do homework at Dinand Library at night, now I technically don’t have to go during the day, either. This is where the cultural phenomenon, F.O.M.O., or fear of missing out, surfaces—such a word describes the experience of individuals who feel as though they have missed an entertaining social scene that they will never again experience. Universally, darties foster the most F.O.M.O. on campus: whether you have class, a test the next day, or are hungover from the night before, people will generally rally for these. What is there not to love about darties? In the words of junior political science major Lily Giannoglou, “The sun’s out, so everything you would normally do in the dark—all the sketchy stuff—is no longer sketchy. It’s fantastic!”

Whether you are the person shotgunning a beer off the balcony of an off-campus house, the one peeing on a car, engaging in a girl fight on the hill that everyone tumbles down, or wandering aimlessly with drunk eyes, darties are an event everyone can enjoy. No one has to worry about “getting in”; darties are a free for all. Doubling the party scene, along with drunk Kimball truly never gets old. Dartying serves as a way of life on the hill, and it is our right and privilege to continue this tradition as the years go on.  

Photo: http://cdn.hercampus.com/s3fs-public/2015/05/02/mayfest2.jpg

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