Dan Kim Named New Vice President of Communications

On Feb. 15, Father Boroughs officially announced Dan Kim as the new Vice President of Communications for The College of the Holy Cross. This is a new position, and Kim will be in charge of communications, marketing, and community and government relations, according Father Borough’s announcement letter.

Professor Mary Ebbott of the Classics department headed the search committee, and she explained that Kim’s position will “involve both strategic and operational leadership in all areas of communications at the College.” She went on to describe that Kim was appointed to this role after the result of a nationwide search put on by a group of Holy Cross community members and supported by the search agency Isaacson, Miller. The committee included a wide variety of campus members, including faculty members of the College, many of whom are alumni of Holy Cross, as well as students and a trustee.

In order to ensure that the position would be filled by an exemplary candidate, the committee worked with applicants through many stages of the selection process, including campus visits and meetings with various members of the community, such as students, admissions, community relations team members, and vice presidents and deans, among others.

Kim has an extensive and varied background that will allow him to bring something new to the campus. Professor Ebbott stated that “his marketing work impressed us with its creativity, its thoughtful portrayal of an institution’s identity and mission, and its use of new media platforms for communication,” and she expressed great excitement that Kim will be joining the Holy Cross community.

Two students, Hannah Brennan ‘19 and Adrian Cacho ‘19, were also a part of the search committee, and it was their job to ensure specifically that the potential candidates would be willing and able to work with students as well as get to know them. Along with being impressed by Kim’s past experience, Adrian also explained that he believes Kim will be a great addition to the College because Kim “spoke highly about how important diversity and inclusion is to him, so that mentality will also be a great addition and he can continue to foster a diverse and inclusive environment among the administration but also among the student body.”

Both Professor Ebbott and Adrian spoke highly of Kim’s past work. Father Boroughs wrote in his announcement letter that Kim has worked in many different communication roles, both at non-profit and for-profit organizations. He has also held jobs related to writing and publishing, and he has been working at the University of Michigan, his alma mater, since 2010. Adrian spoke highly of the work Kim has done there at the school of engineering.

In his letter, Father Boroughs wrote that Kim “has the proven ability to lead a dedicated and talented team, to work effectively with faculty and senior leaders, and to appreciate and advance the Jesuit identity and mission of Holy Cross.” Along with Father Boroughs, Adrian and Professor Ebbott both expressed excitement for Kim’s future work at the College, and their belief that his experience will allow him to work effectively with the Holy Cross community in this new and exciting role.

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