Undergraduate Perspective: I Heart HC

By Sam Arciprete

This past week, the College launched a wildly successful giving campaign, I Heart HC, that collected 6,111 gifts in a 24 period. The marketing for this campaign, which was well done as always, featured students all over campus saying what it is they love about our campus. Students commented on how they love everything from their work-study jobs, chemistry labs, or athletic teams. It even featured our fearless leader Jonathan Thompson talking about how much he loves CB2. And we won’t hold it against him for calling it by it’s new name. This video did a great job of making me appreciate all the great things this community and made me genuinely reflect about what it is I love about Holy Cross. I love the Pub. I love the newspaper. I love the city of Worcester.

However, being the cynic that I am, I couldn’t think of all the things I love without also thinking about the things I hate about my college experience. I hate how my roommate smells really bad and blames me for the smell. I hate tipping bartenders. I hate having to do laundry. I realize, however, that these are the inevitable facts of life and Holy Cross cannot alleviate these problems. However, we shouldn’t allow all this Holy Cross pride to allow us from addressing the substantive issues that are facing our campus.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this school. I wouldn’t change the decision I made when I was a senior in high school. This school and this community have treated me very well and I’m really in no position to complain.

With the SGA elections going on, so much talk has been about our school’s flaws and how students can come together to build a better community for ourselves here at Holy Cross. It’s great to see students engaging in a meaningful dialogue about what they would like to see changed about the school and how they see SGA operating on campus. In the State of the Association address, SGA Co-Presidents Ed Deluca and Emily Breakell dared students to be more active in our community and look for ways to improve campus life. When Breakell addressed the group of students running for office for the 2017-2018 academic year during an information session, she expressed that ideally, students would approach her with concerns or frustration about what SGA. Criticism and disagreement are good things. They bring out the best in people.

This isn’t about being critical of this school or being critical of the SGA. It’s about being aware of our campus community and not just accepting things how they are. The way things are done now isn’t how they always have to be done. If you have an idea of a way to better our community, speak up! Being an active advocate only makes Holy Cross a better place for everyone.

It takes all of us to form the best possible community here on campus. Pay more attention to what the SGA is doing. Be a more active participant rather than a passive bystander. Educate yourself on the issues. This campus would be better off if more students engaged in meaningful discussions with one another about this school’s flaws and solutions to make Holy Cross the best place for all students. Then maybe I’ll donate.

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