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SGA Member of the Month

Executive Cabinet Chief of Staff, Abby Griffin ‘17, was nominated and selected as the first-ever SGA Member of the Month! Communication within and on behalf of the executive branch is because of her diligent work in the Cabinet as the main communicator and efficient taker of minutes. We are so lucky to have such a strong leader on our campus.

HC Top Dog Competition

Starting next week students will be invited to submit photos of their dogs to the SGA Senate e-mail account and whichever dog receives the most likes on Instagram will receive prize!

New Deputy Whip Position

Senator John Milligan ‘17 passed his eighth bill last night (the most of any senator this semester!) instating a new position, the Deputy Whip. As according to the bill itself, which passed unanimously, “The member appointed to this position will be charged with managing the legislative docket, and tracking the progress of each individual senator on the authorship and sponsoring of bills.” This will be an appointed position beginning next academic year.

RSO of the Week: Spring Break Immersion Program (SBIP)

Each week we spotlight an RSO on campus doing spectacular work. Co-chairs of SBIP Meaghan Body, Caitlin Pollard, and Drew Weller presented on the mission and effects that the Spring Break Immersion Program has had on Holy Cross students. We are supporting them and looking forward to hearing about these trips in the next couple of weeks!

SR-1479: Disclosing RSO Funding By-Law Change

Senator Milligan passed another bill last night (his ninth!), aimed at a more transparent disclosure of RSO funding prior to budget approval. The bill states, “Any RSO applying for funds from this government must disclose any alternative sources of funding and the amounts received from these sources. Additionally any events the RSO co-sponsored with other organization must also be disclosed.” This will go into effect for all RSOs being considered for next academic year.

Center Stage Senators: Mae Huogo ‘18 and John Milligan ‘17!

Stay tuned for spotlights on our Superstar Senators, Mae and John! #InstituteChange

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