Senate Corner

RSO Lobbying Association:

Last Monday at the State of the Association, the Student Union voted in favor of the Senate’s By-Law proposal to permanently disband the Student Union and replace it with the RSO Lobbying Association. The RSOLA will be maintain the right to form Ad-Hoc committees, propose by-law changes and Constitutional Amendments, and approve the Fiscal Budget and Re-Recognition at the end of each academic year.

Foreign Affairs Correspondent :

The Foreign Affairs Correspondent, which was a position that started in the Fall of this year was made an official By-Law change at Sunday’s Meeting. The Correspondent will serve a full year term as a Senator-At-Large. He or She will be nominated by the Speaker and must be confirmed by the Senate. The FA Correspondent’s primary responsibility is to serve as a liaison between SGA and Study Abroad Students and will be influential in advocating for all students, regardless of where they study.

Statutes & Regulations Committee:

Statutes & Regulations Committee is the newest permanent subcommittee within the Senate. The Committee will be charged with the responsibility to review, revise, and recommend new by-laws and Constitutional amendments. Sophomore Senator Jennifer Kary will be spearheading this new committee.

Student Sections at HC Sporting Events:

A few of our senators are working with Athletics and the Executive Cabinet to increase student attendance at games on campus. The plan is to get some of the games catered and have giveaways for the first students there.

RSO Spotlight: The Crusader

Each week we spotlight an RSO on campus doing exceptional work. The Crusader has done a large revamp of their paper to make it more accessible via the web and making a subscription base so our great alumni can still read their favorite newspaper. Keep up the great work! Thanks Senate, we will!
Social Media and Center Stage Senators:

Check out our social media pages (Facebook: Holy Cross SGA Senate, Instagram: @sga_hcsenate, Snapchat: sgasenate) and stay tuned for this week’s Center Stage Senators, Mary McGregor and Cameron Aenlle-Rocha!

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