Going Out on the Hill

By Katherine Hogan

It’s another Saturday night on the hill and I find myself walking up College Street back to campus, freezing and out of breath. I proceed to question why I walked off campus in the first place; trying to enter homes of those I do not know in the slightest. This is a strange concept, walking up to a stranger’s door, and receiving the infamous response as it opens, “Who do you know here?”

Sometimes you happen to see someone you know, or do, in fact, know the owner of the house; however, what is truly the point of this Holy Cross weekend ritual? What possesses us to risk hypothermia and shin splints to “go off” during the winter months? I’m not saying I don’t do it, because I too am guilty of walking outside in the thirty degree weather in a skirt; however, I acknowledge that binge watching Friday Night Lights on a Saturday night is a more suitable alternative to tumbling down College Street into a snowbank.

I spoke with a few Holy Cross students to determine the appeal. First, I asked my roommate, Sara Arvizu, sophomore from California, unaccustomed to the snow, for her input. She exclaimed that, “I go off campus in the winter for the social aspect, because I feel as though, regardless of the weather, there will still be parties, and I get major FOMO [fear of missing out]. After a long week, it’s nice to go off and hangout with your friends even though you don’t know who owns the house. The weather ain’t gonna stop me from having a good time. Cash me in a house party in the winter how bout that?”

Later, I received a male perspective when I was given the opportunity to discuss weekend extracurricular activities with sophomore Alex Gionis, from Florida, who had previously never seen snow, and received frostbite in his first year here. He exclaims, “I go off campus to hangout with the upperclassmen who live there. It’s a good team bonding experience [he is a member of the Holy Cross baseball team]. You can’t fit a lot of people in dorm room, so off campus is the way to go.”

I also asked sophomore, Luke Megna, from New Hampshire, who worships the snow, what he thought of this. “I go off campus in the winter to socialize with people from other classes whom I otherwise would never interact with.” After a long school week, going off campus on a Friday night acts as a de-stressor, and people just want to let loose and have fun, no matter the temperature.

I discussed this fact with sophomore Amanda Kewer, of Connecticut, who plays hockey here at Holy Cross, and enjoys going off on weekends. She explained that, “Holy Cross is a hard academic school so when people have time off from work they are going to take the measures to go off campus no matter how cold it is.” Well, there ya have it folks; if you ever questioned the human body’s ability to withstand freezing winds and icy snow, look no further. Holy Cross off campus life makes hypothermia a risk worth taking.  Keep doin’ your thing people.

Photograph Credits: College of the Holy Cross

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