5 Things to Look Out for Ahead of New York Fashion Week

By Alex Smith, Chief Features Editor

Tommy x Gigi: Coming off of what the brand has described as a highly successful season one showing, designer Tommy Hilfiger and model Gigi Hadid are hosting a second avant garde show in Venice Beach on February 8. The show is said to be a huge carnival on the beach and will have everything from amusement park rides to musical performances, As far as the collection itself, no two collaborators seem to make more sense to me. Tommy Hilfiger, a brand that’s famous for using red, white, and blue and placing flags all over its pieces. And Gigi Hadid, a California girl, raised in Malibu that whose long blonde hair and bubbly personality seem to typify what many people would see as the “quintessential American girl.” I’m excited to see how just plain fun this collection will be.

Riccardo Tisci and Nike:  Fresh from his departure from Givenchy after a 12 year tenure, renowned designer Riccardo Tisci has once again collaborated on a sneaker collection with Nike. The ad campaign, which stars both him and Bella Hadid, already breaks convention by using a high fashion model and couture designer to sell an athletic brand. Also interesting, his previous collaborations with Nike helped to launch the “athleisure” trend. It’s unclear where he’ll go next but a move as creative director of Nike could bring some interesting and wonderful changes to the industry. For those of us who like high fashion, but also like wearable (and affordable) clothes, this could be the partnership dreams are made of. (Think Raf Simons and Calvin Klein).

Raf Simons and Calvin Klein: Simons left Dior in the fall of 2015 and announced his new position as creative director of Calvin Klein this past summer. He’ll finally be debuting his first collection for the iconic brand on February 10 at 10 am. He’s been teasing with a new ad campaign of models dressed in the brand’s classic jeans and underwear looking at classic American pieces of art by artists like Andy Warhol. The ad also features a new signature logo. Personally, I LOVE this combination of high fashion creative directors and more wearable brands. I can’t wait to see what this collection will bring.

Yeezy Season 5:  After a highly publicized mental breakdown and his wife’s, (also highly publicized), Paris robbery, it’s unclear what the rapper Kanye West’s fifth collection for Adidas will bring. His season 4 was by many measurements a logistical nightmare and critics slammed the collection as more or less the same as what he had put out the 3 seasons prior. There has also already been some drama regarding the time slot of his fashion show. Initially scheduled for Wednesday February 15, at 5 pm, West refuses to have his show during the same time slot as Marchesa and claims it will now be held at 3 pm. CFDA leaders are now growing frustrated with West not going through the proper steps for approval, (like every other designer). Kanye, this collection better be LIT.

Project September: The high fashion world is admittedly having a hard time adjusting to the digital age. The old model of launching new collections a season ahead no longer seems to fit the modern day consumer who is used to wanting something and holding it in their hand the very next day. Project Septemeber is an app that is taking the visuality and popularity of apps like Instagram and making it possible for consumers to purchase the things they love in the images they see. The app allows you to scroll through images (just like you would on the Instagram popular page or on your feed), and then lets you click to find out where to purchase them. It also suggests accounts you should follow. Up-and-coming brands like Frame have fully jumped on the Project September train. This app is going to revolutionize the game.


Photograph Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue

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