Celebrating 25 years of the Holy Cross Mission Statement

By Seamus Brennan, Staff Writer

This year, the Holy Cross community is celebrating 25 years of the College’s mission statement. The Mission and Identity Professional Development Subcommittee organized an effort to capture the perspectives of Holy Cross students, faculty, and staff on how they live out the mission of the College in early November.

Rev. William Campbell, S.J., vice president of mission at the College and chair of the Mission and Identity Committee, invited members of the committee to reflect on how Holy Cross might mark the occasion. The Staff Development sub-committee designed their video initiative to record comments from members of the campus community on their living of the mission.

“Holy Cross, like all reputable educational institutions, undergoes a process of reaccreditation every ten years. Holy Cross is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). During the most recent reaccreditation process (in 2010), NEASC commended Holy Cross for its widespread awareness of, and commitment to, its mission,” said Father Campbell. “I am so deeply moved by how committed are the staff and students alike to being who we say we are—not only talking the talk, as it were, but walking the walk. I perceive a wide proactive recognition that stewarding the mission of Holy Cross, day to day and into the future, is a shared endeavor. This makes my job much easier!” he said.

Jerry Maday, associate director of transportation at the College, participated in the commemoration. “Father Campbell invited all of us in Student Affairs to share what the mission means to us personally as part of the way we prepare, on College Hill, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Holy Cross’s Mission Statement,” he said. “I have been here five years and have loved the emphasis on ‘Living the Mission’ since I was hired.  I have a non-Catholic Judeo-Christian worldview, serving Christ in His church. The parallels, synergies and common biblical principles St. Ignatius taught are ‘eternal best practices.’ They never expire, never go out of date, never become old-fashioned, and always bring joy to the soul for those that practice them.”

Maday notes that some of the fundamental components to Holy Cross’s mission, and to Jesuit Catholic identity, are service, faith, cura personalis, promotion of justice, solidarity in action, and spiritual discernment. He participated in the 19th annotation of the Spiritual Exercises last year and is a member of the Mission and Identity committee as part of the Interfaith Engagement sub-committee.

“One other example I shared in the video was how in the Holy Cross community, where all, from staff to students, are taught and encouraged to apply these Jesuit principles, we can succeed TOGETHER. A fire burns brightest when the logs are all in the fire together. If a log is taken out of the fire, it smolders out,” said Maday.

Emily Davis, assistant chaplain and assistant director of liturgy at Holy Cross, said of the video campaign, “as a student in the First Year Program—the precursor to Montserrat—a question that was posed to us was: ‘In a world bound by convention, how then shall we live?’ The last part of this question sums up what the Mission means to me: how am I choosing to live? Am I engaging meaningfully with the difficult issues that face our nation and world? Am I serving others and contributing to a more just society? Am using my gifts and talents to serve the greater good? Am I teaching my children to be kind, empathetic, thoughtful individuals? I believe that the Holy Cross mission calls me to continually reflect on these questions, to live the answers, and to accompany our students as they do the same.”

The video has yet to be edited and its future uses have not yet been determined.


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