Crusader of the Week: Rachel Cournoyer ‘18

By John Kim

  1. Hometown: Papillion, Nebraska
  2. Major: Biology
  3. Best Dorm: Carlin
  4. Favorite Holy Cross Class: All biology classes.
  5. Least Favorite Holy Cross Class: Organic Chemistry I and II
  6. Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: At least ten.
  7. Favorite Animal: Penguins
  8. Favorite Book: “The Glass Castle” by  Jeannette Walls
  9. Favorite Color: Blue
  10. Favorite Movie: “Remember the Titans”
  11. Favorite Song/Artist: Ed Sheeran
  12. Favorite TV Shows: “Game of Thrones,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Office”
  13. Favorite Meal on Campus: Chicken Parm
  14. Favorite Professor and Why?: Professor Isaacs, because he’s very relatable.
  15. Favorite Junior Student: Cat Cote
  16. Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: Brew City
  17. Biggest Regrets at Holy Cross: Not doing Appa as a first-year student
  18. Embarrassing Story: During a tour, I forgot the demo room code, so I talked about the room standing outside of it.
  19. Best Memories of Holy Cross: On some nights, my friends and I stayed up till two in the morning laughing.
  20. Campus Activities: CAB co-chair, SRC, and Tour Guide
  21. Advice for Fellow Crusaders: “We only have four years here, so study hard and enjoy your time here.”
  22. Guilty Pleasure: Milky Ways and “Dance Moms”
  23. Bragging Rights: I know the whole dance to “Chandelier” by Sia.
  24. Hobbies: Reading, binge-watching Netflix.
  25. Pet Peeve: Donuts that don’t have holes.
  26. Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Caramel Latte
  27. Role Model: My uncle
  28. Number One Thing On Your HC Bucket List: To find a ghost on campus.
  29. One Thing You Would Change at Holy Cross: More time on the hill; four years isn’t enough.
  30. Plans after Graduation?: Med School (Hopefully New England College of Optometry)

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