Career Fair Follow-up

By Emily Bowman

So you’ve attended the Career Fair, stocked up on business cards, and handed out more résumés than you can keep track of. Success! But now what?  One of the most crucial steps of any networking experience is the follow-up. Letting people know that you valued their conversation and were truly interested in what they had to offer will go a long way. Don’t forget that these recruiters talked to hundreds of students, so you have to make yourself stand out!

In a follow-up email, you should thank the recruiter for taking the time to speak with you.  You should then mention one or two specific details of your conversation that really stuck with you.  This will demonstrate that you were engaged in the conversation and have spent time thinking about the discussion since then. It’s also another opportunity for you to make a connection to the company. The conversation can be a way to prove that you are a potential asset to the company.

If you felt that your dialogue with the recruiter was a helpful and productive one, you might want to ask the him or her a question to keep the conversation rolling. Specific questions about the company or about the recruiter’s role are great. It’s also more than appropriate to ask for any advice they might have for you at this stage in the job search. Recruiters understand the ins and outs of the networking process better than anyone else, so capitalize on this chance to pick their brains!

Over all, networking is about making connections on any level.  Keep your emails professional and friendly, but never be afraid to add a touch of personality, too! The purpose of following up is to keep the conversations going, network further, and show recruiters that you would be a catch at any company!

If you have any questions about networking or want help crafting your follow-up emails, feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development (Hogan 203) during drop-in hours Monday-Friday, 1-4 p.m.

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