Why Do We Keep Buying Apple Products?

By Sam Arciprete

With the unveiling of their new Macbooks this past week, the company that has been synonymous with innovation and success has come under quite a bit of heat. Under the late-CEO and founder of the company Steve Jobs, the philosophy was evident, and it felt like every product being released was revolutionary and in line with this philosophy. With the recent release of the new Macbook and the new iPhone 7, I no longer am able to see this grand philosophy. To me, these new features, like the trackpad on the new Mac or the new slimmer design of the iPhone and Mac, are merely gimmicks to distract users from the glaring problems. Apple inexplicably removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, claiming that there was no need for wired headphones because wireless headphones have come so far. However, the new design of the Macbook features a headphone jack, so clearly the whole line about wireless headphones being the future and how wired headphones were obsolete was just bullshit.

It is clear to me that the company is well aware of the state of its brand and who they are marketing to. When the company first started releasing computers they were intended to be the computer for professional creativity. The computer that artists or writers would use when they’re working. This is no longer who they seem to be gearing their products towards. The Mac made its name because it embraced the creative industry where Microsoft and other competitors missed the boat, but with this recent unveiling, it seems like it’s going to miss out on the next wave entirely: the updated Mac isn’t suitable for the heavy graphics, virtual reality or 3D work it’s so famous for being good at. They seem content with the section of the population that will buy anything with the Apple logo on it just because they love the brand and the public perception of the brand. People who buy exclusively Apple products to show off their wealth or to seem hip and interesting. Apple knows this demographic exists and is fairly substantial and because this group will buy anything they release; they’ve lost their competitive edge. Essentially, when we all buy these iPhones that lack the basic features that Samsung phones have had for years, like shatterproof and waterproof (let alone a headphone jack), we are giving Apple a mandate as a company to continue manufacturing bad products.

Of course, I am probably not the best person to be making this argument. As I sit here typing this article on my Macbook Pro, texting on my iPhone 6s Plus, and checking the time on my Apple Watch, it seems very hypocritical to cast judgements on those that buy Apple purely because of the brand. I recognize my own hypocrisy, and I admit that I am part of the problem that has led to this company that I respected so much devolve into such greedy, money grubbers.

After years of focusing on the iPhone and marketing that as it’s main product while keeping the Mac on the back burner, Apple tried to bring it back to the forefront of tech thought by proving they still care about making quality computers. However, with this new design and new feature additions, it has become increasingly clear that this company doesn’t care about Mac and is more interested in producing phones and tablets.

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