RSO Spotlight: Holy Cross Dance Marathon

Featured Dancer: Stephen Perez ‘18

“Holy Cross Dance Marathon is special in that we are seeing each and every year just how much closer we are to ending Pediatric AIDS.

Today, 400 kids are born each day HIV positive; because of events like Holy Cross Dance Marathon, it’s now a realistic goal to see a day when that number will be zero.

That’s why I dance–so that kids can have the right to a normal childhood and be able to live in an AIDS-free world.”

“The purpose of Dance Marathon is to raise money and awareness for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. Each year, we host a 12-hour dancethon to stand in solidarity with each child born every day HIV positive. This year, that number is 400. Together we can bring that number down to zero by 2020 and reach an AIDS-free generation!”

-Co-Chair Asmani Adhav ‘17

Join the fight at up4thefight.org/hcdm2017!!!


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