New Summer Session at Holy Cross

By Lauren Hayward, News Editor

This summer, Holy Cross will be offering its first summer session classes. The six-week summer session will likely begin on June 5. The classes will count as course credit for students.

During the summer of 2015, President Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J. implemented a task force to evaluate the feasibility of summer session courses. The task force, comprised of 18 faculty and staff members, was a comprehensive committee that had broad representation from all aspects of the College, including administrators, class deans, department chairs, and program directors from academic affairs, athletics, assessment, finance, residence life and housing, and the auxiliary services. Dean Ron Jarret, associate dean and professor of chemistry, and Frank Vellaccio, senior vice president of the College, were the co-chairs of the task force.Prior to implementation, the task force benchmarked other colleges that have offered summer classes. It also surveyed Holy Cross students who had taken summer courses at other colleges. Approximately one third of Holy Cross students participated in the survey.

The task force’s recommendation to pilot summer session classes was discussed at the Academic Affairs Council, supported by the Faculty Assembly  and approved by Father Boroughs. Holy Cross will pilot the six-week summer session for the next two summers to evaluate student interest and viability. Dean Jarret is serving as the director of the pilot program.

An Implementation Committee has been formed that includes an Academic Sub-Committee, an Operations Sub-Committee, and a Student Affairs Sub-Committee.

The Academic Sub-Committee members are Dean Jarret; Stephanie Yuhl, professor of history and director of Montserrat; and Daniel Klinghard, professor of political science, director of the Center for Liberal Arts in the World, and co-director of the Charles Carroll Program. They will be responsible for setting up the courses for the program.

The Operations Sub-Committee members are Patricia Ring, registrar; Sheila Coakley, bursar; Denise Davis, Senior Business Analyst; Lynn Meyers, director of financial aid; and Elizabeth Dionne, director of finance and assistant treasurer. They will be responsible for the finance and budgeting, calendar, and enrollment.

The members of the Student Affairs Sub-Committee are Dean Edwin Coolbaugh, director of residence life and housing, and Dean Brenda Hounsell Sullivan, director of student involvement. The courses will be taught by Holy Cross faculty and will be available only to Holy Cross students. Holy Cross students have completed a survey on their interest for 24 potential courses. The results are being analyzed to confirm the course offerings for this summer.

“I’m excited that our students will have the opportunity to take Holy Cross courses with familiar professors and classmates on our campus during the summer through this pilot program in 2017,” said Dean Jarret. “These summer courses will contribute to a student’s GPA and will expand the ways students can manage their course loads throughout the year.”

The summer courses will provide students with opportunities to fill deficiencies, spread out their 32 courses, as well as to take more than the required 32 courses. The unique aspect of taking the summer courses at Holy Cross is that the course grade will count towards a student’s GPA, whereas summer courses taken outside of Holy Cross do not count towards a student’s GPA. Students will also have the option to take the summer courses as Pass/No Pass and not count them as part of their required 32 courses. However, a student can uncover the grade in the future if desired. The tuition will be $2,325 per course, and there will be an additional $200 lab fee for science courses. Students will be able to apply for a limited amount of financial aid. For an additional cost, students can register with Residence Life and Housing to live on campus on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment requires a non-refundable $250 deposit with a minimum enrollment of 10 students required.

“As SGA co-director of student outreach this year, I was impressed with the administration’s willingness to involve students in the process,” said Sean Manning ’19. “Dean Jarret and Professor Yuhl listened to the ideas of the co-directors to understand what students are looking for and how to maximize student usage of the program.”

Enrollment for the summer session will be held in February with details to follow at the beginning of the spring semester. Students are invited to contact Dean Jarret with any questions.

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