Student Government Association Senate Segment

This academic year, the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate has decided to remodel the previously ineffective Senate structure as the organization embarks on a transformational year. Our ultimate goal is to make small, necessary changes that will make student life on the Hill easier. First, we needed to organize pivotal in-house adjustments to achieve this goal as represented by the some of the news positions below.

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian position was established to ensure that all meetings, votes, and other legislative processes are aided by the SGA Constitution and organized by parliamentary procedure. In addition, the individual in this position is responsible for knowing all SGA By-Laws and informing fellow senators of pertinent By-Law information or conflicts. By-Laws are the governing documents written by the SGA. This year’s Parliamentarian is Cameron Aenlle-Rocha ‘17, a two-term senator.

Director of Public Affairs: This individual publicizes weekly Senate meetings, bills, and initiatives, as well as manages social media accounts pertaining to the SGA Senate. This year’s Director of Public Affairs is Andrea Pappey ‘17, a four-term senator.

Foreign Affairs Correspondent:This position is responsible for informing and updating students abroad on the many changes at Holy Cross. He or she is further tasked with reporting back to the Senate on the different experiences of students studying abroad. This year’s Foreign Affairs Correspondent is a first-term senator, Margaret Scanlon ‘18, who is studying abroad in Cork, Ireland.

Student Outreach & Advocacy Committee (SOAC): The purpose of this committee is to cover the evaluation, assessment, and improvement of every aspect of student life that is not academically related. The committee strives to adequately represent the interests and needs of all students, including but not limited to housing, dining, campus events, school spirit, and safety. In addition, the committee further engages in small programming initiatives to illuminate critical resources on campus such as student affairs and voting registration. This year the committee will be chaired by Mary Kate Vanecko ‘17, a first-term senator.

Intellectual Life Committee (ILC): This committee strives to promote, and when necessary, improve the College’s academic programs, activities, and services. The committee further seeks to foster dialogue and communication with a variety of academic offices on campus. Holly Nord ‘17, a first-term senator, will be chairing the ILC this year.

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  1. Matt Greco is the speaker for the SGA Senate. Check back weekly for more Senate-specific updates and initiatives to make student life easier on the Hill.


Instagram: @sga_hcsenate

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