Student Government Association Senate Segment

This week, the SGA Senate and SGA Director of Health and Safety kicked off the inaugural Public Safety Appreciation Week. This is the first event that the Senate and Cabinet have collaborated on in recent years, and we are thrilled to join forces! G. Matthew Greco, Speaker of the Senate, said of Public Safety Appreciation Week, “This is a fantastic opportunity to not only acknowledge and appreciate the Public Safety staff, who dedicate their time and energy to keeping our campus safe. It is also a chance for the SGA Senate and Cabinet to collaborate on an initiative we both value and hold with high importance.”

During Public Safety Appreciation Week, we aim to both showcase all of the services that Public Safety offers to students, as well as highlight individual officers throughout the week. We will be posting Public Safety employees’ biographies to our Facebook page so that students can become acquainted with them, as well as posting facts and services that students may not know exist. Mackenzie Horl, SGA Director of Health and Public Safety, stated, “I think it is extremely important to have weeks like this to honor the entire office of Public Safety at Holy Cross. Our Public Safety officers tirelessly look out for the safety of students and our campus. They are available for more than just emergency situations and I hope this week can highlight the various circumstances that our officers can assist us with on a daily basis.”

Members of SGA will also be in Hogan this week with a banner dedicated to Public Safety that students can sign and thank the members of Public Safety for all that they do for us. In addition, we will be handing out “I Love Pub Safe” buttons that students can wear around campus to show their support. Mary Kate Vanecko, Senator and Director of Student Outreach and Advocacy, stated, “Public Safety does so much to ensure the safety of Holy Cross students every hour of every day. I am glad we are able to show our appreciation in a small way this week. I hope we can build off this week to create lasting, positive relations between students and Public Safety.”

We look forward to this week full of meeting new members of Public Safety and appreciating all of their hard work!

Andréa Pappey is director of public affairs. Check back weekly for more Senate-specific updates and initiative to make student life easier on the Hill.


Instagram: @sga_hcsenate

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