“Stand Against Racism” Homecoming Demonstration

By Kelsey Littlefield

On Saturday, Sept. 24, 130 College of the Holy Cross students partook in a sit-in during the homecoming football game as a sign of solidarity in light of recent racial tragedies and the continuing racial dialogue permeating the campus. All Holy Cross affiliates—students of color, white allies, and alumni—to sit in the end zone with demonstrators, and most participants wore black t-shirts that read “Stand Against Racism.”

The goal of the sit-in was to unite in solidarity and to promote awareness for the severity of the issues that are plaguing the U.S., as well as the conversations about race that are developing more prevalently on campus.

Some participants did not stand during the national anthem in order to further highlight  “the killings of black and brown men and women and in an effort to have the greater campus acknowledge MINORITY students,” according to the Facebook group created by several students who organized the sit-in.  Over 500 students, almost one-sixth of the student population, indicated their support for the event online.

Several members of the Holy Cross administration supported the demonstration, including Jacqueline Peterson, dean of students and vice president of student affairs; Margaret Freije, dean of the College and vice president for academic affairs, and Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., president.

“The peaceful demonstration on Saturday, supported over 100 students, administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni, was a strong showing of solidarity,” stated Dean Peterson. “The student organizers impressively accomplished their goal of offering the Holy Cross community an opportunity to come together united as one Holy Cross, standing against racism and all forms of social injustice that affect society today. A true example of what it means to ‘Live the Mission!’”



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