SGA Senate Segment: New Initiatives and Campaigns

By Andréa Pappey

The SGA Senate has already accomplished so much during these first couple of months back on the Hill. The organization is excited to create new initiatives and campaigns to engage the student body, staff, and faculty. One of the Senate’s biggest initiatives this year is outreach—we want the student body and student groups to know that we are here to voice their concerns and help their groups thrive. Thus we have instituted an “RSO Spotlight” campaign, where a different student organization is highlighted each week. Each group is invited to come to our Senate meetings that are held on Sundays, and discuss their group and how SGA can help them succeed.

In addition to reaching out to student groups, the Senate is working on engaging the College’s  faculty and staff. Last week, the Senate sponsored its first “Student Affairs Appreciation Week.” We reached out to various members of Student Affairs to highlight their role at the College and to let them know just how much their work is appreciated. Each department we highlighted was surprised with a batch of cupcakes, along with individual biographies of staff members posted to our Facebook page (“Holy Cross SGA Senate”).

The Senate is currently working on an initiative to bring student sections to hockey and basketball games. The Student Outreach and Advocacy committee is working with Athletics to find a group of students who would spearhead the student section and brainstorm potential names for the section.

Finally, the SGA has refurbished the game room in the basement of Hogan. It is intended to be a new space for students to gather, do homework, and hold meetings and discussions. We want student input in creating a new name for the room, and we have created a poll where students can vote on names. We would love to hear your input, so please vote! When you vote, you are entered to win a $25 bookstore gift card.

The Senate looks forward to continuing our mission of instituting change this year. Check back for the next Senate Segment to see our progress with these initiatives.

Andréa Pappey is the director of of public affairs for the SGA Senate. The Crusader will begin including updates from the SGA Senate on a weekly basis to promote the initiatives and campaigns the Senate hopes to accomplish during the academic year as well as in the future.

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