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What’s the Rush?

By Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23 Opinions Editor Every year, as far back as I can remember, my family and I have spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating our house for Christmas. We take turns placing ornaments (many of which hold special memories for us) on the tree while listening […]

Where are the Masks?

Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23 Opinions Editor At the beginning of the semester, the College of the Holy Cross implemented a mask mandate that required students, faculty, and staff to wear a mask indoors. The administration said that this mandate would be in effect until Sept. 10, when test results […]

A Look at MID’s Hackathon 2021

Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23 Features Editor Every year, the Holy Cross Classics Department’s Manuscripts, Inscriptions, and Documents Club (MID) hosts the Hackathon, an all-day event designed to allow high school and college students to come together to analyze, read, and transcribe ancient manuscripts. Typically (at least not during global […]