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Upper Kimball Review

Spencer Caron ’20 Opinions Editor I would like to take this week to write about something lighter than usual. No politics, nothing about rights (and the violation of), or societal ills that one is all too aware of after this week’s news cycle. I want to review upper […]

What Happened to the Left?

Spencer Caron ’20 Opinions Editor I ask specifically about the Left because I personally enjoy the music, comedy, art, etc. created by those  who self-identify as liberal, in addition to admiring the Left’s historical obligation to freedom of expression and tolerance. A dearth of conservative stand-up comedians exist, […]

“Hey, that’s not Vegan!”

Spencer Caron ’20 Opinions Editor Arguments in favor of a vegan lifestyle have been gaining traction lately due to celebrity endorsements and sensational documentaries. Evidence of veganism’s increasing, albeit still tiny following, is the ubiquitous nature of products like almond milk and tofu. Newer and more experimental foods […]