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Eric DeCoste ’24 Crusader of the Week

Name: Eric DeCoste Year: 2024 Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts Major: Economics Campus Activities: Club Hockey and Real Estate Club  Favorite Movie: The Shining Favorite Song: Love Story by Taylor Swift Favorite Singer/Group: Migos Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Sports Team: Patriots Favorite Class taken at Holy Cross: Game Theory  Favorite […]

Crusader of the Week: Haley Welsh ’23

Name: Haley Welsh  Year: 2023  Hometown: Westborough, MA Major: Economics & Spanish  Campus Activities: Washington Semester, Study Abroad (Spain), Tour guide, Club Volleyball, Study Abroad Ambassador, Economics Tutor  Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting  Favorite Song: New Year’s Day  Favorite Singer/Group: Taylor Swift  Favorite Color: Blue  Favorite Sports Team: […]

Crusader of the Week: Eric Schon ’24

Name: Eric Schon Year: Junior Hometown: Barrie, ON Major: Accounting Campus Activities: Eating at kimball Favorite Movie: Dallas Buyers Club Favorite Song: “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift Favorite Singer/Group: Nirvana Favorite Color: Green Favorite Sports Team: The Buffalo Bills Favorite Class Taken at Holy Cross: Intro to International Relations […]

Crusader of the Week: Mia McDonald

Rea Nassif ‘24 Features Editor Name: Mia McDonald Year: 2024 Hometown: Medway, MA Major: English Campus Activities: The Delilahs, The Purple, singing with my friend Andrea Favorite Movie: Ladybird Favorite Song: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman Favorite Singer/Group: ROLE MODEL or Omar Apollo  Favorite Color: PinkFavorite Sports Team: […]

Crusader of the Week 2/18: Nicky Lobont ‘24

Name: Nicky Lobont Year: 2024 Hometown: Niles, IL Major: Psychology Campus Activities: SPUD Program Director for Girls Choice, Multicultural Peer Educator, work at bookstore Favorite Movie: “Home Alone” Favorite Song: “Real” by NF Favorite Singer/Group: NFFavorite Color: PinkFavorite Sports Team: Chicago BullsFavorite Class Taken at Holy Cross: Psychology […]

Crusader of the Week: Sabrina Ramos ‘22

Name: Sabrina Ramos  Year: 2022  Hometown: Milford, MA  Major: Psychology  Campus Activities: Club Volleyball, Working for Worcester  Favorite Movie: Mama Mia  Favorite Song: All Too Well (10 Minute Version) by Taylor Swift  Favorite Singer/Group: Machine Gun Kelly  Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Sports Team: The Red Sox Favorite Class taken at Holy […]

Crusader of the Week: Avery Faires ‘22

Name: Avery Faires  Year: 2022  Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia  Major: Psychology and Spanish  Campus Activities: Delilahs Acapella, Honors College, Sigma Delta Pi, Psi Chi  Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo  Favorite Song: Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest  Favorite Singer/Group: Taylor Swift Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Sports Team: UNC Basketball Favorite Class taken at Holy […]

Crusader of the Week: Emily Foscaldo ‘23

Name: Emily Foscaldo Year: 2023 Hometown: Westwood, MA Major: Psychology and English  Campus Activities: Delilahs, Delilahs’ social media, Orientation leader, tour guide, ACT E-board  member, Project Empathy.  Favorite Movie: “Pride and Prejudice”  Favorite Song: “From The Dining Table” by Harry Styles  Favorite Singer/Group: Mac Miller or SZAFavorite Color: […]