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Pathway to Pediatrics

Nicole Letendre ’23 Features Editor It’s no secret that many Holy Cross students harbor a passion for medicine, prompting them to enroll in heavy-duty science courses and tirelessly scribble notes about biological processes and an assortment of equations into the late hours of the night. The far more […]

From Holy Cross to Home

Nicole Letendre ’23 Features Editor With the recent closing of College of the Holy Cross for the remainder of the semester, I am sure that everyone has been feeling disconnected from friends and familiar activities such as clubs, athletics, and in-person academics. This transition from life on campus […]

Nicole Letendre

Name: Nicole Letendre ’23 Positions: Features Editor (Spring 2020-Present), Staff Writer (Fall 2019) Major: Undeclared (prospective English Major) Life in an Eggplant Headline: “Breaking News! Strawberry gum demand grows exponentially; local girl said to be the cause”

Throwback Karaoke

Nicole Letendre ‘23 Features Editor  On January 24th, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted Throwback Karaoke in Crossroads from 8-10pm. Students were gathered at tables, chatting and eating pizza while listening to their peers singing popular favorites and swaying along to the music. Singers were able to channel […]