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Beige Hawk

Mario Micallef ’22 Chief Eggplant Editor College of the Holy Cross took over the Beige Hawk sports bar on Greenie St. last Thursday night. Now for those of you who are not familiar with the Beige Hawk establishment, close your eyes and think of 2006 and 1983. Now […]


By: Mario Micallef [Monday, 8:32 a.m., Worcester Massachusetts, 42 degrees with a thick stagnant haze over the College of the Holy Cross campus. A large flock of crows lands on the south ledge of the Fenwick spire and some perch on the sun-roof of the adjacent building, Smith […]

Do Not Pass Woos

Mario Micallef ‘22Big Monopoly Guy Worcester, MA — After devouring a Fluffernutter French toast the size of her own head, a local woman told reporters Sunday that the ATM at Miss Worcester’s diner printed out Monopoly money over the weekend.  “I was freaking out because practically half a loaf […]


Mario Micallef ‘22Certified Deck-Scrubber “I guess we’ll just have to get used to this.” oozed Professor Diameter with his usual nasally monotone utterance. It was the second class we had in the Fundamentals of Stapling, the first course requirement for the Accounting major, and already there were 5 […]

Shots & Slots

Mario Micallef ’22 Eggplant Editor [An advertisement on a screen inside the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport plays on a small monitor to the immediate right of an Ellen slot machine next to the Southwest Airlines B23 Gate.]  [For 30 seconds, played on loop, an alluring female voice […]

Sermon on the Ground

Mario Micallef ‘22 Eggplant Editor Hello (I am sitting on the ground, no, I’m laying on the hardwood floor. I don’t know why I lied right there. Maybe it was internal shame. Yes, in fact, it was. But I have to speak now. The ants coming off my […]