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When Plexiglass Becomes a Debate

Maggie Connolly ’21 Opinions Editor Donald Trump’s response to Covid has clearly already been a colossal failure. Now, on top of his failure to the country, he has failed himself and many of his political peers and close advisors. Trump’s positive Covid test last Friday shocked the world, […]

Maggie Connolly

Name: Maggie Connolly ’21 Position: Chief Opinions Editor Major: Political Science with Creative Writing Minor If you made a new section for the paper, it would be: A celebrity/pop culture section – I’m a sucker for any pop culture gossip!

So, Trump Knew All Along?

Maggie Connolly ‘21 Chief Opinions Editor Are we surprised to see another Trump slip up? In the last few days, countless news outlets have been covering Trump’s conversation with Washington Post journalist, Bob Woodward in mid-April. So, what exactly did he say this time? “This thing is a […]

The Iowa Aftermath

By Maggie Connolly ’21Staff Writer Last week, Democrats and Republicans alike across the nation put themselves to bed unsure of who had clinched the victory in the first democratic primary of 2020. The much-anticipated Iowa caucus had a glitch in the system, and no one really knows what […]