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Overheard Holy Cross

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25  Snowy weather sympathizer Two friends in Stein:  “Did you submit the assignment yet?”  “It’s due at midnight.”  “It’s DUE?! I understood it as more of a suggestion”  Between students: “Do they take meal swipes here?”  “This is Fenwick.” Conversation outside Hogan:  “The next Edge shuttle […]

In’s and Out’s: Holy Cross 2023

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25 De-influencer     Gym selfies are out. My opinions are in.     So here we go…    In Out Sharing VHL quizlets                                        The new Base stationGrade inflation “I don’t need to write this down I’ll remember it” Starbucks in Stein  Late-afternoons Filing for bankruptcy on FAFSA  Feuding with your inner demons Crying in front […]

The Mitochondria is a Woman

Mackenzie Hughes ’25 Someone who gets distracted in class thinking about what gender parts of the cell are If the cell’s powerhouse has any gender, it’s female. The thing that’s responsible for generating most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biomechanical reactions ain’t gonna be […]

Midnights: Flop or Bop?

Mackenzie Hughes ’25 Staff Editor On Oct. 21, Taylor Swift released “Midnights,” her first new record since “evermore” in 2021. The album has already sold 800,000 copies, claiming the title of the most streamed-album in a single day on Spotify. Many organizations came together on campus to celebrate […]