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Damon Kruppa Crusader of the Week

Name: Damon Kruppa  Hometown: Reading, MA  Major: Economics  Campus Activities: Resident Hall Association and Best Buddies  Favorite Movie: Jumanji  Favorite song: Your Song by Elton John  Favorite singer/group: Quinn XCII  Favorite color: Blue  Favorite sports team: Red Sox  Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: American Sign Language  Favorite […]

The Fauci Effect

Julianna Mariani ‘24 Editor-in-Chief The Fauci Effect Fall 2022, welcome back to the Spire! Even though it is now my third year at Holy Cross, I still feel like a first-year. Which is why the fact that there are so many of them, is very concerning. The only […]

The Highlight of Break

Julianna Mariani ‘24 Editor-in-Chief, Cookie Correspondent  It’s been a long winter but we’re back with another issue of The Spire! Shockingly enough I’ve been promoted this semester so you’ll be seeing a bit less of me in my favorite section *insert a super nonchalant wink.* I’ll miss you […]

The End

Julianna Mariani ‘24 A Not So Relieved Chief Well folks, it’s the final issue of “The Spire” for this semester. It’s certainly been a whirlwind, but it’s definitely bittersweet. I’ll miss writing this column every week. That’s really what it is, isn’t it? A column where I update […]