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The Roaring 2020’s

Julia Maher ’23 When Holy Cross announced that students will be required to get the Covid vaccine except for religious or medical excuses, I was ecstatic. I have been home for 18 months due to the pandemic, and I have been fully vaccinated for a week now. Since […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

Julia Maher ’23 Opinions Editor Some women may be familiar with the headache and self-loathing that can result from shopping for clothes. Trying on clothes can make women feel worse about their bodies and wish they were a different size, to the point that they deliberately choose a […]

A Challenging Return to Normal

Julia Maher ‘23 Opinions Editor Since three promising vaccines have been approved by the FDA, the US—and college students—can expect a return back to normal life as soon as this summer. This has been long anticipated, especially among college students, whose lives have been uniquely impacted by the […]

Sacrifice During COVID-19

Julia Maher ‘23 Opinions Editor College is generally seen as a time of freedom and independence, but COVID-19 makes college students feel the exact opposite way. Although we need to follow all the restrictions to curb the pandemic, there are still obvious drawbacks to staying on campus. Students […]