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Keep the Libraries Alive

Henry W. Noe ’22 Opinions Editor With the amelioration of the internet and e-readers, libraries are becoming less and less sought out as a valuable resource. Individuals are less inclined to pursue their local library when in search of a certain resource or in need of assistance; the […]

How Journalism Will Live On

Henry Noe ’22 Opinions Editor The amalgamation of artful writing and a retelling of facts comprises the field of journalism. The free press is crucial in developing a society where individuals are intellectually informed and are able to conduct responsible debates about important issues. There have been many […]

Why Poetry Must Be Taught

By:  Henry W. Noe ’22 Opinions Editor The preservation of poetry is absolutely crucial in contemporary society. This beautiful art form is wholly eclectic, as it can be used to teach lessons on the styles of language, on famous historical societies, and on understanding emotional articulation. Although both […]