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Crazy, Stupid, Kimball

Greg Hausler ’20 Eggplant Editor  It’s that time of year ladies, gentlemen, and first years. Love is in the air, valentines are being sent, and friends are sending dank Valentine’s Day memes to each other. Although the vast majority of us are going to be spending our Valentine’s Day […]

Holy Cross Caucus 2020

Greg Hausler ‘20 Chief Eggplant Editor Breaking: Father Boroughs has proclaimed that Holy Cross will begin using caucus styled voting to deal with the perpetual bevy of political, social, and environmental issues that arise on THE Mt St. James. For those of you unfamiliar with caucus style voting […]

Eli Manning: In Memoriam

Greg Hausler ‘20  Chief Eggplant Editor You can’t spell elite without Eli. Giants fans and national audiences alike may have just witnessed our last primetime Eli Manning game. The ESPN broadcast did everything but play “Fix You” by Coldplay or “Ave Maria” as they followed the longtime Giants […]

Greg Hausler

Name: Greg Hausler ’20 Position: Eggplant Editor (Spring 2020-present) Chief Eggplant Editor (Fall 2019), Eggplant Editor (Fall 2017-Spring 2018), Staff Writer (Fall 2016-Spring 2017) Major: Political Science Life in an Eggplant Headline: Student’s laptop breaks mid presentation due to Reddit NBA streams