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Our Quality of Dialogue

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26 Opinions Editor  Last week, Holy Cross found itself embroiled in a controversy that gripped campus dialogue. An article published in the most recent issue of the Fenwick Review criticizing the Student Government Association’s budgetary practices received wide condemnation from the student body for what was […]

SCOTUS: How It Defines America

Ashwin Prabaharan ‘26 Opinions Editor The Supreme Court, over the last decade especially, has received intense scrutiny and animosity over its decisions in socially and politically significant cases that work to redefine the most important aspects of our lives. Headed by nine justices nominated by the President and […]

Why We Thrive On Debate

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26 Opinions Editor America finds itself at a critical juncture as the political scene continues to polarize people farther apart. But also being lost in this wide gap of political commonality is the willingness to engage in fruitful and civil debates with those who hold opposing […]

Get Involved, Locally

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26 Staff Writer Local politics has been all but shunned away.  Presidential and congressional races grab the attention of nearly all media outlets, casting aside our local city council, state senate, and assembly elections. Less than half of eligible young voters cast a ballot in 2020. Voter […]

Republicans, Dump Trump

Ashwin Prabaharan ‘26 Opinions Staff Writer The last decade represented one of the most dramatic shifts in the identity of the Republican Party. The same once neoconservative-dominated party who revered the Bush family and rallied for interventionism has now adopted a protectionist platform steering it towards uniform cultural […]