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Anti-Abortion Legislation is Going Way Too Far

Anna Lee ‘24 Chief Opinions Editor When Texan lawmakers enacted a controversial anti-abortion law last year, other Republican-led states sourced inspiration and followed suit. Most recently, Missouri Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) introduced a new provision that would allow state citizens to sue anyone seeking abortions “regardless of […]

From Desire to Danger

Rhiannon Richmond ’24 Opinions Editor We all have our vices, and as much as it pains me to admit, mine is TikTok. I have tried to quit the habit multiple times, but each day I still find myself scrolling through my “For You” page, seeking mindless entertainment. Recently, […]

Crusader of the Week: Sarah Cooper

Hometown: Port Orchard, WA Major: English, minors in Education & Middle Eastern Studies Campus Activities: SGA, HRA of Clark Hall Favorite Movie: “Shrek 2” Favorite song: “Poetic Justice” by Kendrick Lamar Favorite singer/group: Doja Cat Favorite color: Green Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: American Literature Favorite Professor: Dr. J  […]

On White Feminism

Anna Lee ’24 Chief Opinions Editor What women come to mind when you think of feminism? 1920’s women clad in white and their best Sunday hats, marching down Washington D.C. with posters in hand? Rosie the Riveter pumping her bicep with “We Can Do It” in bold font? […]