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1972: Call me Isthishell

Carly Priest Opinions Editor “Scandal: 96 Catholic Universities Have Homosexual Clubs.” That’s the title of an article written by John Ritchie of the group Americans for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). I actually spoke with John Ritchie on the phone about three weeks ago, when […]

1972: Baby Ruth

Carly Priest Opinions Editor   On Tuesday, Representative Mark Walker (R-NC), chair of the Republican Study Committee said of his female colleagues: “…the accomplished men and women of the RSC [Walker pauses]…And women [laughs] if it wasn’t sexist, I would say the RSC eye-candy, but we’ll leave that […]

1972: We Must Be Better

Carly Priest Opinions Editor [Trigger warning from the author: This piece contains statistics and themes surrounding sexual assaults on college campuses, including instances of rape.] As I tried to unleash the first “1972” column of the 2017-2018 school year, I sat stumped. Not with writer’s block— just the […]

1972: Yes All [HC] Women

By Carly Priest, Opinions Editor “Do your parents read your column? What do they say about it?” I’ve been asked several times throughout the semester whether or not my parents read my column, undoubtedly for the “liberal” content of my articles (I really do not think recognizing the […]

1972: [Wrecking] Ball and Chain

by Carly Priest, Opinions Editor Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran a profile of Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence. The author, Ashley Parker, detailed the minute, quirky, and even charming details of their marriage— according to a family friend, Mike Pence proposed to Karen Pence […]

1972: Oh, For God’s Sake

By Carly Priest I grew up in the California Bay Area, just outside of San Francisco. I’m not Catholic— my parents raised my three siblings and I in the United Church of Christ. I learned that through the metaphorical creation of all persons God indicates that any religious […]