NBA Free Agency Frenzy

By: Bobby Tuzzio, Sports Co-editor While the playoffs are beginning to intensify as each team gets closer to an NBA title, after the Finals, free agency is going to dominate the headlines. I thought that it would be interesting to look at some of the top free agents this […]

Why I’m Still Mad

By Emily Breakell, Former SGA Co-President   I’m still mad because people I don’t know think it’s okay to ask me how same-gender sex works. I’m still mad because when we talk about “majority students” on this campus, we’re talking about white kids, not recognizing that an even […]

The True Meaning of Free Speech

By Emily Kulp, Opinions Editor At the University of California, Berkeley, during the years of 1964 and 1965, the Free Speech Movement arose, a student protest against the school’s restriction of political activity. 52 years later, the University of California, Berkeley has been repeatedly linked to controversies representing […]

Satire: I Think You Missed the Point

By Kyle Espinola, Student Contributor The following is written in response to an article which appeared in last week’s edition of The Crusader. The piece this article responds to was written by the Black Student Union and takes issue with Eggplant writer Stephan Duncan’s satirical piece titled “Racism […]