A Thousand Word Picture

Mario Micallef ’22 An EggPlanting Editor [On a Teleprompter, somewhere out There.] “A picture paints a thousand words,” so they say, but does it really? Find out all about it tonight on Eggplant Live, with me, your host – Rosel McDork.  [Queue uplifting yet stern, royalty-free broadcast music.] […]

The Broken Branch

Catherine Yackira ‘24 Opinions Staff Writer The six men and three women clad in black robes who sit on the highest bench of the nation have an undeniable mysticism about them. Nine of the greatest legal minds in our nation, who are purportedly guided by the sacred text […]

Let’s Stop the Political Bullying

Joe Barbieri ’23 Opinions Editor As the nation eagerly awaits the final results of the 2020 election, I think it is more important than ever to discuss the topic of political differences. With the polarization of American politics becoming more evident, we must remember to respect each other’s political […]

SGA Senate Minutes

Speaker Updates: We welcomed our new clerks for this school year, Lily Smith, John Romano, Milo Fallon, Ava Cloghessy, Jackson Monteiro, and Ashley Vazzana!  Committee Updates: Internal Affairs is putting together a game night for the Senate to use as a virtual team bonding. Public Affairs sent out […]

10/30/2020 Newsletter

10/30/2020 The Spring 2021 class schedule debuted on STAR on October 24, presenting students with an abundance of fascinating courses to browse. But how is anyone supposed to narrow down all those great options? Team members from The Spire share recommendations especially for first-years in our article “Class […]