12/04/2020 Newsletter

12/04/2020 Our Chief Sports Editor, Mike O’Brien ‘23, sat down for a virtual interview with Mike Philbrick ‘96, senior editor at ESPN. Their engaging conversation covers Philbrick’s work on ESPN’s podcast ESPN Investigates, the future of sports journalism, the strength of the Holy Cross community, and much more. […]

Crusader of the Week: Fran Gallagher ’24

Name: Fran Gallagher  Class Year: 2024  Hometown: Scituate, MA  Major: Physics/Computer Science (not positive yet though)  Campus Activities: Club XC/TF so far but plan on joining more once on campus!  Favorite Movie: Interstellar  Favorite song: Over my Head by the Fray  Favorite singer/group: Changes all the time but […]

A Very COVID Christmas

Julianna Mariani ‘24 Eggplant Staff Writer It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I don’t know about everyone else, but as soon as I finished swallowing my Nana’s turkey and mashed potatoes it was instant Christmas mode. The car ride home consisted of Mariah Carey on full […]