Why We Need Clearway Clinic

By Elinor Reilly Anyone who read the op-ed entitled “Clearing the Way for Clearway Clinic,” by Carly Priest ’18 in last week’s The Crusader might be wondering the following: why do we need crisis pregnancy centers? Why are there flyers in the bathrooms advertising their services, as well […]

Boys Will be Boys?

By Jonathan Thompson The saying “boys will be boys” has always annoyed me, but I was never totally sure why. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out why the phrase bugs me so much. While on the surface it seems the phrase is innocent, its implications are […]

Clearing the Way for Clearway Clinic

By Carly Priest, Opinions Editor Like most college campuses, the College of the Holy Cross has signs everywhere. Advertisements for textbook buyback programs, spring break trips, research and study abroad programs litter the campus. The flyers are everywhere: dorm hallways, classrooms in Stein, CB 2, bathrooms— no where […]