Crusader of the Week: Katie Knippler ’22

Name: Katie Knippler Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire Major: Undeclared right now, but thinking English and German Campus Activities: RA, RA Advisory Board, Club Rugby, Club Tennis, Women in Business, SPUD, Research Associate, CAB, College Honors Program   Favorite Movie: Der Vorname Favorite song: “Bohemian Rhapsody” Favorite singer/group: I like […]

What’s In Seelos: Us

Clarabel Smith ’20 Features Editor Horror movies are often measured by different standards, not only from other movies in general but also depending on what kind of horror movie the audience expects. Occasionally, however, there is a horror movie that not only fulfills the horror fan’s desire for […]

Do We Actually Know Worcester?

By Julia Maher ’23Staff Writer Whether it is called “the Woo,” “the Heart of the Commonwealth,” or simply “Worcester,” the second most populous city in New England is certainly a fascinating place. Worcester is rich in history and diversity and has many attractions to offer, including restaurants, colleges, […]

The Internship Dilemma

By Maggie Connolly ‘21Staff Writer A fifth summer of lifeguarding at a neighborhood pool. No business casual involved, getting paid, and getting a tan? Sure, sign me up! Getting paid just over Indiana’s measly minimum wage? Adding another year of hometown lifeguarding instead of a viable internship to […]