Vocabulary of the Week

Perissology: Greek. The act of not shutting up. Jesus Christ, I start thinking my roommate is majoring in perissology whenever he starts talking about his feelings for Natty Light. Hoddypeak: A fool, simpleton, or blockhead. Quagswag: The act of shaking to and fro. I told my boyfriend he […]

iPhone Jack Removal

Amidst the controversial choice by Apple to remove the headphone jack from the forthcoming iPhone 7, the technological juggernaut has taken it upon itself to announce plans for the iPhone 8, likely to ease tensions between the company and its customers. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Design […]

Senate Segment

Event Updates: The holiday social media campaign “All We Want for Christmas is You” launched last week. This was part of our year-long goal to bring more publicity to the Senate and to make students aware of what we do on campus. Off Campus Christmas Decorating Contest was […]

Senate Segment

By Andréa Pappey We received an update for our Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Maggie Scanlon, who is studying in Cork, Ireland and is serving as the SGA liaison to students studying abroad. Maggie sent out her first update to abroad students and it was very well-received. Students were eager […]