Crusader of the Week: Paul Endres ‘18

By John Kim, Features Editor Hometown: Morristown, NJ Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, Pre-Med Best Dorm: Wheeler Favorite Holy Cross Class: Biochemistry! Least Favorite Holy Cross Class: Montserrat Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: ZERO! SLEEP IS IMPORTANT! Favorite Animal: Dolphins or monkeys Favorite Book: “The Mortal Instruments” series by […]

Staff of the Week: Justine Fisher

By John Kim, Features Editor Hometown: McAllen, TX Current position on campus: Assistant Director of Academic Services & Learning Resources. Part of my responsibilities include directing the STEM+E Tutoring Workshop, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), and co-directing the Mentor Program. What is it about your profession that you enjoy […]

Megan Izzo

Name: Megan Izzo ’17 Major(s): English and Political Philosophy double major; pre-law Position(s): Editor-in-Chief (2016-2017); Chief Copy Editor (2014-2015); News Editor & Copy Editor (Spring 2014) Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times Life in a Headline: “College Student Survives on 20 Hours of Sleep per Week”

Jonathan Thompson

Name: Jonathan Thompson ’17 Major(s): English and French double major; creative writing concentration Position(s): Editor-in-Chief (Spring 2017); Chief Opinions Editor (2014-2015, Fall 2016); Opinions Editor (Spring 2014) Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times Life in a Headline: “Giant Molasses Spill Causes Severe Traffic Jam on I-290”

Max McKee

Name: Max McKee Major: English Position: Chief Copy Editor (2016-2017); Opinions Editor (2015-2016) Favorite Newspaper: The New Yorker Life in a Headline: Man on the Cusp of Having Fun Suddenly Remembers Every Single One of His Responsibilities

John Buzzard

1. Name: John Buzzard ’19 2. Major(s): History major; Education minor 3. Position: Chief Eggplant Editor (2016-2017); Chief Features Editor (Spring 2016); Features Editor (Fall 2016) 4. Favorite Newspaper: White Plains Examiner 5. Life in a Headline: “Area Man Discovers New Way to Appreciate the Literature of James Joyce”

John Albinson

1. Name: John Albinson ’18 2. Major(s): English 3. Position(s): Chief Sports Editor (2016-2017); Chief Opinions Editor (2015-2016) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Springfield Shopper 5. Life in a Headline: “Average Man Fails at Generating Funny Headline, Tried His Best”

Alexandra Smith

  Name: Alexandra Smith ’18 Major(s): English and Political Science double major Position(s):Chief Features Editor (Spring 2017); Sports Editor (Fall 2016) Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times Life in a Headline: “The Girl Who Went After What She Wanted And Got What She Needed”

Evan Grogan

1. Name: Evan Grogan ’17 2. Major(s): English and Art History double major 3. Position(s): Copy Editor (2016-2017); News Editor (2014-2015) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Wall Street Journal 5. Life in a Headline: “Gluten Free and Glamorous”

Hanna Seariac

Name: Hanna Seariac ’20 Major(s): Classics; Renaissance Studies Position(s): Chief Web Editor; creator of The Crusader website (2017) Favorite Newspaper: The Atlantic or Boston Globe Life in a Headline: “A Little Techy, But An All-Around Ancient”