Republicans, Dump Trump

Ashwin Prabaharan ‘26 Opinions Staff Writer The last decade represented one of the most dramatic shifts in the identity of the Republican Party. The same once neoconservative-dominated party who revered the Bush family and rallied for interventionism has now adopted a protectionist platform steering it towards uniform cultural […]

Fresh Check Day

Gioia Guarino ’23 Features Editor Fresh Check Day returned to the Hoval on Tuesday, September 27th, from 12 pm-3 pm, offering activities for the student body with the common motive of spreading mental health awareness. Led by COPE, the event offered numerous activities, games, free food, and tables […]

Damon Kruppa Crusader of the Week

Name: Damon Kruppa  Hometown: Reading, MA  Major: Economics  Campus Activities: Resident Hall Association and Best Buddies  Favorite Movie: Jumanji  Favorite song: Your Song by Elton John  Favorite singer/group: Quinn XCII  Favorite color: Blue  Favorite sports team: Red Sox  Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: American Sign Language  Favorite […]


Michael Vail ‘24 Observational Scientist As human beings, like any other creatures, we are designed to evolve. That’s what Darwin said just before he discovered gravity. Think about how easy it is to close your eyelids. We do it tens of thousands of times per day. That’s because […]