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Not Seasonally Fooled

Mario Micallef Eggplant Editor Tis the season, so they say, for us all to sprout pumpkins from our eyeballs and secrete merriness from our toes for four months straight. Quick, think now to the annual first nauseating uses of the phrases, “it’s that time of year again” and “I just […]

ACI Rips Off Late Senator

Allyson Noenickx ’19 Definitely did not design this logo The Eggplant’s investigative team has uncovered an uncanny resemblance between the late Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign poster and the logo of our own ACI. For the many dedicated Spire readers who likely don’t know, A Contest of […]

That’s News to Me

By Jackie Cannon ’20 Chief News Editor   Thursday, Oct. 25 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- Ethiopia’s parliament has appointed the first ever female president, Sahle-Work Zewde. Although the position is primarily as a ceremonial figurehead, her appointment points to greater gender equality in Ethiopia.   Friday, Oct. 26 Colombo, […]