Category: Profiles

Natalie A. Correa

Name: Natalie A. Correa ’17 Major: English & Art History Double Major Position(s): Features Editor (Spring 2014-Fall 2014), Chief Features Editor (Spring 2015 & Fall 2016) Favorite Newspaper: T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine) Life in a Headline: “Breaking News: Latina Princess Takes HC, and She’s Fabulous”

Carly Priest

1. Name: Carly Priest ’18 2. Major(s): History and English double major 3. Position(s): Opinions Editor (2016-2017) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times (huge crossword fan) 5. Life in a Headline: “Woman Out-eats Everyone at Contest, Says She ‘Didn’t Even Know There Was a Competition Happening.’”

Austin Penta

1. Name: Austin Penta ’19 2. Major(s): English and Italian double major 3. Position: Copy Editor (2016-2017) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Boston Globe 5. Life in a Headline: “Italian Stallion on the Loose Recognized as Holy Cross Student”

Kelsey Littlefield

1. Name: Kelsey Littlefield ’17 2. Major(s): Classics; Health Professions Advisory Program 3. Position(s): Chief News Editor (2015-2016, Fall 2016); News Editor (2014-2015) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Boston Globe 5. Life in a Headline: “Girl Found Comatose after Seeing  Sloths; Blames Excitement and Caffeine Addiction”

Emily Iannaconi

1. Name: Emily Iannaconi ’17 2. Major(s): English Major, Creative Writing Concentration 3. Position(s): Editor-in-Chief (2016); Sports Editor (2014-2015) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times 5. Life in a Headline: “Emily Iannaconi – Aspiring Professional Storyteller”