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Why Athletics Are Not Overrated

By Julia Maher ’23Staff Writer There are some people who believe that athletics are highly overrated. They think that people place too much importance on athletics when they could allocate that importance to other areas, such as academics. For people who are not athletes themselves, this opinion is […]

Nutrition Tips from SHAPE

Chloe Gonzales ‘20SHAPE Contributor This school year, the Student Health Awareness Peer Educators (SHAPE) have compiled a list of goals to accomplish at Holy Cross, with the health and wellness of the student body in mind. We aim to accomplish these goals through educational outreach around campus. For […]

Go to Sleep!

Julia Maher ’23Opinions Editor We all know how inadequate sleep can impact nearly every aspect of our lives. We may feel lethargic and irritable, which also affects our sense of motivation. Sometimes we may not even be aware of how little sleep we get or how it impacts […]