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Life Before and Life After

By Julia Maher ’23Opinions Editor The coronavirus pandemic will probably be one of those events in history in which people divide their lives into two separate timelines: life before and life after. We are living in an unprecedented time of illness, which also means that the social and […]

Goodbye Green

By Mario Micallef ’22Eggplant Editor Remember when the biggest concern for us first-world problem living folk was a paper straw with your coffee? As quick as the exponential rate of the virus exploded into the centerfold of our lives, society said goodbye to going green and hello to […]

Who will you be?

Mario Micallef ‘22Eggplant Editor On Friday, April 3, a man assaulted a teenage girl who was hanging out with her friends at Norton Commons, a residential community 20 minutes outside of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  The man claimed the aggressive behavior ensued because the girls were not practicing “social […]