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Status of the Republic

By Max Lies The 2016-17 academic year has been one for the books—the death of notable celebrities, one of the most divisive election cycles in history, and internal change have made the year one of the most unique in modern memory. As an outgrowth of that, we’ve seen that […]

Uber Everywhere?

Maybe It’s Time to Download Lyft I’m not much of a fun of ride sharing apps. In fact, I’m really pretty apathetic towards the industry entirely. At least, I was before recently. I use them when I absolutely have to. But recently, Uber has been generating a lot […]

Unequivocally Sisters

By Carly Priest On Wednesday, February 22nd, 1957, President Donald J. Trump revoked protections for transgender students that allow people to use the restroom and locker room facilities that match their authentic gender. Wait, excuse my typo—Wednesday, February 22nd 2017. Forgive me: for a second I really thought […]