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1972: Yes All [HC] Women

By Carly Priest, Opinions Editor “Do your parents read your column? What do they say about it?” I’ve been asked several times throughout the semester whether or not my parents read my column, undoubtedly for the “liberal” content of my articles (I really do not think recognizing the […]

The Victimization of America

By Scott Kingsley, Student Contributor Trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, and safe spaces that arose from modern academia formed a nation of victims in which the status of victimhood entails moral superiority. We’ve fostered a nation of coddled, immature young adults who have no real understanding of how the world […]

An Apology to the Uneducated

by Jillian Kearns, Student Contributor In the last edition of The Crusader, there was an article describing why only abstinence should be taught to teenagers. Several of the arguments were flawed, so I would like to address the mistakes to the writer (Scott Kingsley ‘17). You comment on how […]

An Apology for Healthy Living

By Scott Kingsley, Student Contributor This article is a response to Carly Priest’s Opinions article from last week entitled “Who Put Fred Flintstone in Charge.” For those who missed it, it was a verbose condemnation of abstinence-only sex education.   The author claims, “I care because today, abstinence-only […]

Letter to the Editor

By Brendan Fisk ’19, Contributor Crusader Newspaper, I saw you were looking for input on the impending name change of the newspaper and I thought I might as well throw in my two cents. I’m under the impression as I think most people are that changing the newspaper’s […]

My Crusade for the Crusader

by Hanna Seariac, Chief Web Editor How many times do you hear someone present a statement and then remark “this begs the question that…”? Many people use that phrase as a way of saying “this raises the question that…,” but do not realize the proper usage of the […]