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1972: LD/ADHD and Me

  Carly Priest Opinions Editor I think I notice more about my classmates than most other college students do. Not what they wear, or who my peers talk too, but the kinds of unconscious movements and motions their bodies make. I know who in my classes taps their […]

The Tragedy of the Outrage Machine

James Gallagher Editor-in-Chief If memory serves me correctly, the term “outrage machine” was coined by some combination of Conservative radio hosts and GOP also-rans in the 2016 election cycle. While, as a member of last year’s losing team, I don’t necessarily agree with much of anything that comes […]

Take a Knee, Mr. President

Carly Priest Opinions Editor “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he’s fired. He’s fired!”[1] Originally published in Life magazine, contemporary memory holds the picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the 1968 Olympics medal podium as one the most influential images of […]