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Chateau de Wheeler Review

By Anamika Dutta Wheeler Hall’s annual “Château de Wheeler” took place this past Sunday, Sept. 18. Held on Wheeler Beach, Château brought together all first-year students living in Wheeler Hall for an afternoon of food, drink, and entertainment. Resident Assistants (RAs) of the building spent the morning and […]

Career Fair Follow-up

By Emily Bowman So you’ve attended the Career Fair, stocked up on business cards, and handed out more résumés than you can keep track of. Success! But now what?  One of the most crucial steps of any networking experience is the follow-up. Letting people know that you valued […]

Volturno Pizza: Review

By: Natalie A. Correa After returning from studying abroad in St. Andrews, Scotland, it has become a personal mission of mine to try every food Worcester has to offer before I graduate. How could I have crossed everything off my St. Andrews food “bucket list” but not that […]


Q: What is binge drinking and what are its effects? A: Many college students today will frequently hear or see the phrase “binge drinking,” but most of us do not know the formal definition of the term, nor do we understand the reality of its effects on our […]

Ever Changing

By Shannon Burns For many people, change is hard. Change can mean that your world and your life deviate from what they once were, from what you once knew them to be, and maybe from what you were comfortable with. In certain circumstances change can be negative and […]


Q: Where can I find reliable information about my health? A: Since you’re reading this, you’re off to a good start! We (your Student Health Awareness Peer Educators, or SHAPE) will be running a regular column answering common health questions. Additionally, Health Services can be reached here on […]