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Spring Concert Predictions

Krystyna Cynstyntyny ‘21 and Annie Hentschtschtschtsel ‘19 Long-Lost Sisters As the days get warmer and the home stretch of the semester draws near, it’s hard not to daydream about end-of-the-year festivities, especially Spring Concert. Here are some performers we hope to see down on Freshman Field this May: […]

“Why I Was Late”

Tyler Christiansen ’21 Opinions Editor 7:00 a.m.: Getting up in the morning is the easy part. Get up, brush the teeth, shower, throw on clothes, get out the door. Have class at 8AM., so not really a problem. Got a whole hour. 7:20 a.m.: Walking down to breakfast […]

Eggplants a la Boroughs

This delicious recipe is a perfect way to spice up an otherwise dull spring semester! Light yet filling, Eggplants a la Boroughs are sure to delight local media stations and students’ instagram feeds alike. Yield: roughly 2,900 (and counting) Active Time: 2 days Total Time: 4 years Ingredients: […]

Loving Life in Philosophy

Anonymous Goose Diplomat Philosophy Student I wanted to let everyone know that I, as a Philosophy student, am doing great. After all the recent discussion and protest about sexual assault/misconduct on this campus–which was so clearly focused on the welfare and well-being of the affected students and not […]